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Pupper Butter

Dogs eating peanut butter are some of the cutest moments to behold. Don't take our word for it, look it up and see for yourself!

Our peanut butter is made from scratch with only raw peanuts—no added sodium, sugar, or oil—so you can enjoy the cute licking without the worrying.

•  Every jar of Pupper Butter is individually handcrafted and made fresh to order

•  Net weight 4 oz. per jar

•  Also comes with a free bag of plain squares for dipping

We use only natural ingredients that are 100% dog safe. Nothing toxic, nothing artificial. Not even added sugar or sodium.

Ingredients: Raw Peanuts, Raw Peanuts, and....more Raw Peanuts!

Guaranteed Analysis: Protein: 28%, Fat: 53%, Fiber: 15%, Moisture: 1%

Calorie Content: ME (Calculated) 5600 kcal/kg